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I’m looking to propagate my very lengthy string of hearts. Any advice? #PropagationStation
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Prop box, baby!! The BEST way to go. Set it and forget it.
I know there are ways if you cut a stem you can use something like cinnamon to put on the end and put it in a pot. There are others things also
I’ve heard that taking a string and burying the nodules will sprout roots. Also heard you can trim them and bury the nodules. Both methods will produce more growth/baby plants
My string of hearts all started in the prop box. I had six little nodes. POOF!! Plant Magic. 
@sarahsalith whoa! Is the idea to just add soil, your props, spray and close?
You can do them with soil. Put them in an empty plastic container, add soil, and cover with plastic wrap.

Or a plastic box with a top with ventilation holes and damp sphagnum moss in the bottom. When the Greg app reminds me to water my prop box, I have to go weed it because it grows so many volunteers.
@sarahsalith brilliant

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