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Wiz Khaleafa been throwin’ out new leaves left & right! W...

Wiz Khaleafa been throwin’ out new leaves left & right! Went camping for 1 day & came back to another pleasant surprise of a new leaf!

This is one my favorite plant babies since my boyfriend picked it out for me which is a big deal for a guy who just sees a plants as a bunch of green 🤣
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White Princess for a Princess? Princess Elise from Sonic the hedgehog!
That is a beautiful plant and I need (want) one 🤗
White Knight or White Princess? Either gorgeous and I’m jelly! My white Knight isn’t growing white as of much lately
@PlantJedi it was actually labeled White Wizard! & mine was kinda slow and then when I put the wire climber in there, it started growing way faster!
@elisenavidad he’s growing… Just not white lol… White wizards stems are all green and leaves are oval. I think you have a White Princess because the stem looks pink. But if it’s red then it’s a White Knight.
And sometimes white princesses turn pink
@PlantJedi that’s great 😂🫶🏻

Shiiii you’re prob right! It was quite a bb when I got it but it is definately pinkish I’d say!
@PlantJedi throw some enrich powder in that soil 😏 It’ll grow like a weed!
Beautiful plant!
@elisenavidad I just found it at target Sunday! Going to use it on my White Knight!
@SweetAzurebluet thank you🩵
@PlantJedi Helll yahhhh 🙌🏼🙌🏼 That stuff works WONDERS
@elisenavidad why you didn’t tell me lol
@PlantJedi tbh I assumed you seen all my obsessing over it on Greg lol

That’s what I get for assuming 🤣

Ngl tho, I’m super disappointed w the neem spray by #WetheWild … swear that shit only brought more pests 😂
@elisenavidad same… I used the neem oil and it did nothing for me. For my pest control.

It is weird… for awhile I did not see anything you post.
@PlantJedi dude right?? I keep finding myself going back to the castille mix I MAKE 😂

That’s how worthless it’s been 😭 Eh whatever, worth a shot lol & no way?? I always saw your stuff before & loved your posts cuz you always scored some dope ass plants 🤣

Glad my shiii popped up for you finally cuz damn you’ve brought some entertainment bahaha🫶🏻😂
@elisenavidad the Castile soaps with hydrogen peroxide and alcohol?
Hahahahaha entertainment is my middle name!
@PlantJedi well I have before with alcohol & hydrogen peroxide but it was only benefical on the roots! It would often fry the leaves.

So far, Castille soap (any scent Dr.Bronners)
+ a few drops peppermint essential oil, tea tree & sometimes lavender!
@PlantJedi lavendar and tea tree are great natural anti-fungal!
@elisenavidad well well well… I know that information but glad to see you’re more nerdy than you appear to be lol
@elisenavidad we the wild… Is essentially everything I already use… I was like “ummm…. Ok” after I read the ingredients. Hoping the grow works good tho
@PlantJedi oh God…you have no idea 😂 You should see the “life of a plant” Photosynthesis tshirt im wearing as we speak 😂😂
@PlantJedi YA SAME.. I shoulda read the ingredient a prior but the spray did just come included.

If you have a secret recipe for enrich powder, plz share 😏
@elisenavidad now I want to see it!!! Hahaha
@PlantJedi don’t tell anyone I caved bought a men’s bc they didn’t make it in women’s 😭😂
@elisenavidad it’s earthworm casting with crushed lime pellets… same results…
@PlantJedi shiiiiii what😂😂😂 omfg thank you I owe ya big time
@elisenavidad when I first started using lime pellets… I didn’t crush them and they would sit there forever if it’s applied to house plants! Ughhhh… Soo I started letting them melt in hot water essentially making plant tea! Hahahahaha yes but this took too long to let cool down… Soo crushing them is the best option.
@PlantJedi shoot okay… this is very helpful 🙌🏼🫶🏻
@elisenavidad although… maybe I need more patience because they did like it when it was given to them as tea lol
@PlantJedi oh did you notice a difference?? When you made it into tea vs not?

Also, how often would you apply this mixture ?
Earth worm casting can save your plant if it gets sick beyond repair. It’s saved 4 of my plants from deadly fungi.
@elisenavidad oh I do earth worm casting on the soil or in the repot… lime pellets separately
@PlantJedi okay!! Thank you so much rlly 🤩
But you get wayyyy more “enrich” powder from an earth worm casting product and lime pellets.
@PlantJedi yeah that’s what I was wondering… 🤔 That’s so dope I’m excited to get even more nerdy w my plants 😂🙌🏼
@elisenavidad my White Knight… Aka Anakin… (probably doesn’t like the name) stopped turning white
@PlantJedi little roach wtf??? Ugh why it bein’ so complicated 😩

He cute otherwise 💁‍♀️
@elisenavidad Righttt… totally a cutie but being complicated
@PlantJedi “totally a cutie but”

Have you wonderin’ if she rlly worth it 🤔
@elisenavidad thinking…. “What real value do they bring to your life”
@PlantJedi HA 😂 OOOOH Who made you mad tonight 😂😂
@PlantJedi this is so funny I’m actually LOL about this 😂
@elisenavidad I’m good… 🥴🥴🥴
@PlantJedi awhhh poor bb 😭😂
@elisenavidad bb it’s you.
@PlantJedi shiiii what I do this time 😭 🫣
@elisenavidad hahahahaha nothing