Posted 1M ago by @DefiantDndylion

Butterfly bush! I’m hoping for some monarchs this year 😊 #SpringIntoSummer
Don’t be surprised if you get humming birds too. Also save the seeds when the seed pod break open
@SpicyMatteuccia thanks for the wisdom! I will definitely save the seeds! I saw quite a few monarchs last year but didn’t have any good plants fue them so hopefully this will attract more and encourage them to stay
I’m in Alabama now but from Minnesota. We had a few of them. We had these but you have to have β€œhost” plants as well so they lay their eggs. We did have quite a few monarchs hatch through out the late summer/ fall in minnesota
My sister in Wisconsin got me started! She has a bunch of milkweed in her garden
@DefiantDndylion they also like dill actually they ate up my dill!!
@SpicyMatteuccia interesting!!! I read that the caterpillars will eat Hoyas too! They’re related to milkweeds.

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