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muffin is flowering! ignore the dry bottom leaves she reabsorbs them so fast that i can’t keep up with plucking the dead ones off 🗿runyonii things i guess #HappyPlants #BloomingSuccs #SucculentSquad #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
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I love to watch the stems emerge and flower. That is lovely!
Yay!!! Look at her grow!!🤩🤩
That looks so good!
She is Thriving 😍
I love that color too
@TruthfulApricot you know when the flower stalk first started coming out i though she was gonna make a pup on a stem 🤣 it’s been really cool to see the stalk get longer and longer (during which i was a bit concerned the pup was etiolating for some reason) and after a while i finally noticed it was buds! can’t wait for her to be in full bloom 💕💕
I know the feeling! I have this plant which behaves the same way. If you follow the yellow arrow you’ll see a new stalk coming. The old bloom lasted at least 8-10 weeks!
Thanks for the “Best Answer” nod. 😁
@TruthfulApricot i love how round and smooth it is, it looks like pebbles :) i hope my succulent blooms as readily as yours!! you must be taking great care of that little dude since he’s blooming so happily 💕💕
@TruthfulApricot no prob!

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