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Option to Edit a comment to attach/add a picture.

There are times where I’ll forget to include a picture with a comment, and I’ll try to do the same thing you can do with posts: edit and add a picture (up to 5), but can’t.

Having the option to add a picture after a comment has been made, can decrease the clutter in the comments sometimes (people post 2-3 comments because they forget pictures). This could also be helpful for those (like me) who write lengthy comments to help others and accidentally forget to include pictures. I’m a visual learner so this would help me and others A LOT! ✨

This could also help those who would like to edit their comments to get “Best Answer” in order to give a detailed and visual description :)

📸 Picture 1 is idea for editing options for comments. Pictures 2 & 3 are editing options for Posts.

Does that make sense? 8)

TIA 😊✨🌱
Oh yeah! Makes sense! I do this alllll the time so I’m just like oops and then add the pic after 😂 I feel like it’s on their list definitely
@RJG did y’all see this? 👀

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