Posted 2w ago by @RJG

Hey @ForFoxSake if this started growing and now it seems to have stalled would you hit it again or just wait? #ClubKeiki #MagicFoxPaste
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 hours ago
How long has it been since you first applied?
Just wait. It will do it’s thing
@angelw1975 @ForFoxSake like 2-3 weeks ?
My PPP I pasted 6 times threw out spikes within a week. It’s been at least 3-4 now and those spikes are tiny baby leaves with a new growth behind it
@ForFoxSake as long as you don't think it's right to think it stalled then I shall be patient.
@RJG it’s not so much stalled as taking a moment to decide wtf is happening.
This leaf is so small but you can see the new one coming in behind it. It’s even trying to throw variegation. #overacheiver
Another one
Yah I just cut my Micans recently and it put out two spikes. One actually grew the other stalled. I didn't know if this was the same.

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