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Watermelon peperomia blooms, leaves are quirky

Happy #freshleaffriday to my #peperomia that has put out its first flowers but refuses to put out an unblemished leaf. I started it from a cutting so it's exciting regardless! πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ½
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4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Yay!!! You and me both with this plant tho! I’ve done everything to mine and it’s happy and puts out leaves but always a blemish. I’ve heard to try magnesium so that’s next up to try with mine.
@KDkat3 ohhh, keep me posted! I've seen really happy ones in pon so I haven't debated going hydroponic but I'm still not great with managing the washing and sanitizing and washing and feeding so I tend to avoid it πŸ˜‚
I'm a newbie with plants, but I've read some info on the internet. Don't #peperomia s like to keep their roots relatively dry? I would be cautious with going hydroponic. @KDkat3
@SvelteKingfern I haven’t tried hydroponic. I agree they tend to prefer their roots to dry out. But I’m always amazed at the plants that do well in hydro. @PlantMompy I added a little bit of magnesium to it today. We shall see what happens. I gave some to my alocasia too
@SvelteKingfern @KDkat3

That was my understanding of peperomia, too. Which is why I water sparingly. But I think part of the blemishes is that I may be under-watering. I think if it was hydroponic I something that had enough air circulation it could work. I also feel like these roots are bigger than say my frosted peperomia (which has been blooming for months now 🀦🏽).
@PlantMompy I know!! Watermelon pep is just its own unique version of a Peperomia lol
I find larger leaf peperomia are more prone to oedema and scarring than smaller versions. Letting them dry out thoroughly and only watering lightly (bottom watering) has helped me from preventing both. I have found mine also love being potted into 70/30 coco perlite. Clear pots may help you see when to water or how much is too much. Hope this helps!
@KDkat3 I keep all mine in Pon and they’ve always loved it. They didn’t love leca quite as much, Pon was the winnerπŸ’š @PlantMompy congrats on the flower!!
You both have me pondering πŸ€” @HoyaAddict @Propa mine is due to be watered today and I’m wondering if I should make a change
@KDkat3 maybe start a water prop and then put it in some PonπŸ’š
@KDkat3 I water mine when the leaves are very bendy and flexible. πŸ’•