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Have already learned SO much in just a few weeks on Greg. 💜 I do wish we could add comments to our “moments” or plant tracking. Also, it would be nice if we could see our posts/miments like a profile page when we go to our own page. #GregFeedback #GregGang
I believe that's in the works!

Greg has come SO FAR in just a little bit of time. It's been really cool to see an app grow so much through each update.

I'm glad you found Greg, @HpflHeart!
Adding text notes/drawings to moments is on the radar! Seeing your own posts and moments are both in the works and will be available soon!
Thank you for the feedback @HpflHeart! Like @Kiersten mentioned these will be in our next release, in less than 1-2 weeks: adding Notes, and viewing a gallery of your moments.

Thank you for your support @sarahsalith can’t wait to see what you think about next updates, they’re some of my favorite features yet :)
Dang it!! @HpflHeart I totally realized I didn't show you these screenshots. You can see your moments and your plants as long as you tagged them.
@alex @Kiersten hi! I was wondering if future updates will also include being able to see other people’s plant moments on their profiles? I like being able to see the progression of my own plants via the stories & I would love to be able to see my friends’ progress as well!!
@melaza yes definitely that’s planned!

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