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My money tree had some nasty root rot. I trimmed back all...

My money tree had some nasty root rot. I trimmed back all the trunks and thought I could try to water propagate them. It’s not looking good. Word to the wise- don’t let your #MoneyTree get #RootRot . I don’t think I can save this one. ☹️
0ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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Another option is to propagate from the stem. Find a healthy, firm stem, with a couple of nodes. Try to take a cutting that is at least four inches long and has at least two-three nodes so it has an optimal chance of growing roots. Dip in rooting hormone (optional) and place in glass container ensuring the nodes are fully submerged and no leaves are in the water. Keep in mind this plant takes a while to form roots so you may be waiting a few months.
The leaves still look healthy, you can also just cut the unhealthy roots.
@Somelady I never knew you could place a Money Tree in water like this to propagate it, typically they like indirect bright light and too much watering creates the root rot, one of mine gets 3 ice cubes of water a week and the other two a slow soak when the soil is completely dry due to theirs being in 6-inch pots. Maybe, this link can help you.
@SensationalKoa well I am not entirely sure it’s working for me, so I thought I should share the experience. 😏
@Somelady My money tree had the same issue, instead of water, i have my cuttings in soil. Hoping for the best for both of our trees.
I found that out the hard way. I tried cleaning the roots and cleaning with peroxide new pot new soil,,,, it died. I FINALLY decided to buy another one give a 2nd try and not water it, hardly ever!!