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I went to Lowes for wood stain… WOOD STAIN 😅

Meet my new babies, String of Bananas, an Air plant, and a #wishlistplant Pothos N’ Joy 🥰🥰 I haven’t decided on names yet but my SOB DEF needs to be repotted! Should I do it now or wait a couple of weeks?
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I would wait a few weeks. And what beautiful finds!! Is that a pothos manjula actually? Doesn’t look quite like snow queen, more like a mix of that and n’joy?? Either way super cool!! 🤩
@tango seee I was thinking that when I picked it up! I was like ??? This CANT be just an N’ Joy. That kinda looks like a snow Queen and somethin else but I wasn’t sure
@Localplantlady it’s super cool though!! A true #monsterpothos 😂
I LOVE my N’Joy so much. It just sits there looking gorgeous and asking very little of me. 😂
Okay but did you get the wood stain?? 😂😂 and those are CUTE!! Nice Haul!!
@LatiTish84 girl, I’m tickled. And yes… after my papaw pulled me away from the sales rack 😅😅😅🤣
@Ehlane ikr? It’s so pretty 🥹 I could stare at it all day
@tango I KNOW 🤩🤩💙 it wasn’t on the sales rack but I couldn’t pass it up for $7 🥹
Very nice wood stain you got the varigation...🤣🤣🤣
@PlantEsteem it gives a nice, earthy finish 🥴🤣🤣

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