Posted 2w ago by @discreetwildyam

Put up shelves for one of the cats to use as window perches. Cat is uninterested. Cat perches are now plant shelves. #succulentlove #plantaddict #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantsandanimals
What a wonderful repurpose that took absolutely no effort! 🀣 And now your plant babies will be happy happy πŸ₯° Also giving me ideas 😎
@LeighannM $17 on prime day for a set of 3 shelves. I don't have the smallest one up yet. I know the second we're not home though, these little shits are going to jump up there because cats.
@discreetwildyam That’s an amazing deal! And they look really nice :) But yes , can’t trust these cats πŸ˜‚ My two little shits like to jump or paw or chew at anything they get the chance too πŸ™„

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