Posted 4w ago by @Momster

We got one tall flower, and one that decided to Y #plantsmakepeoplehappy #pepperomia #flowers
Dang!! You're doing a GREAT JOB!! That's one happy plant!!
So cute!!!!! I love that the flower growth is pink!!! I haven’t had mine long so I haven’t seen flowering yet. Love this!!!
@sarahsalith @Jilliebeanstalk this has constantly had at least 2 flowers for MONTHS! I can't remember how long! My green one too!
It's only got 2 now, but usually also more since I got this one about 2 months ago..
Wow!!!! So pretty....😍😍
I have been cutting mine of to direct energy to the leaf production. Can't say I have noticed much difference in growth.
@Momster I didn’t know that peperomia flowered?! I’m learning so much. Keep us posted with the progress pictures πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’š

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