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So, a few months ago I ordered a #MickeyMouseAlocasia and...

So, a few months ago I ordered a #MickeyMouseAlocasia and when I got it, it was…. Horrific. So I contacted the seller and ended up with another nightmare. This one has struggled to thrive. It was finally doing well last month and I started to get a beautiful leaf, and then it decided it hated me. So I figured one more shot before I save my sanity. And look at this teeny adorable list #alocasia leaf 🥹😍 you probably have to zoom in on it, but I was trying to use the pot for scale, which is 3” in diameter. It won’t be long before its fate becomes clear. 🤞🥴 Also, @Rockrlee , the last 2 pics are two of the black coral elephant ear bulbs from Walmart finally popping up! The other two have roots so we’ll see how these look soon! #NewGrowth #AlocasiaAddicts
🤣 “and then it decided it hated me”… no truer words have been spoken. I chase my plants trying to make them happy and smother them, meanwhile my sister @TheOddAsity ignores them and puts them in the corner so they can think about what they’ve done 😂. I think she’s on to something though, because it seems to work out better for her than me. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Good luck, it looks exciting! 💚
@EZLennyLance 😂 well, “nobody puts baby in the corner” I’m gonna have to let this little tike grow up just a bit 😂😂 🤞 we get that far. But I’ll keep that in mind for my larger plants! #planttimeout seems like an appropriate new tag 😅
@Corinne Perfect hashtag! 😂
@Corinne I am ALL OVER that hashtag #PlantTimeout. I’ve been busy trying to save some Hoyas, so plants that never seem to have drama in my world (my mini monstera and a philodendron) are all over here like toddlers talking amongst themselves saying “negative attention is still attention, right?”… and one plays dead while the other acts like the bubonic plague is trending 🙄 well, here’s to you mini and neon philo 🖕🏼. Have a fantastic day! 😂 (I’m so not flipping any people off, only my plants!!)
@Corinne Cool Colacasia Blk coral growth. 🙌 🥳 I think I’m going to order a few starters. I have had Colacasia’s in my oasis last year & one thing for sure I learned, they love the sun. I think I’ve mentioned this before, they did not do well inside. After I planted them outside in my garden they tripled in size. I had a Hilo, Mojito & Waikiki. All of them just took off outside. I’m sad that I didn’t try to save the corm for this year.
@Corinne Hey Corinne how is your starter Alocasia Reticulata doing? I ordered 2 Reticulatas & Strawberry Ice Syngonium from the same Etsy seller. All my starters were much smaller. It also took over a month to get them. She had some issues. I’m trying to get some feedback from her about how to get the Alocasias to thrive in my care. I’ve never had problems with other starter Alos. It seems they are fussy little ones. I’ve tried everything. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that their roots don’t rot. I’m trying to keep a balance of moisture around the starter plug but not really soaking it.
@TheOddAsity 😂😂 I felt that reply in my soul. I’m afraid to name species because I might jinx myself, but that feels like my house. 🫠
@Rockrlee I agree, they are fussy. My alos didn’t make it. We messaged back and forth for a bit and then I didn’t get any reply. So I went in and gave 1 star ratings and immediately got a message 🫣 She’s sending me all new plants. My only survivors were strawberry ice, philo melanochrysum, and alo platinum. My philo black cherry bit the dust yesterday. They did come very small. I think I’ve decided I’m going to put the new ones back into a starter tray so they’re in a space that’s the same size, and put that in my mini greenhouse with a heat mat. My strawberry ice is the only one showing growth. So I’m hoping when the new ones get here my plan works. Otherwise I’ll be overpaying for larger plants 😂 These starter plants are challenging my sanity. Of course I was dumb and bought 2 more. 😑 I’ve got a desert rose and a philo dark lord coming with the others. Someone has got to figure out how to stop me from buying 😩
@Rockrlee my giant taros are thriving inside, but my plan was to move the black coral outside. When I bought them it was still cold here so I don’t want to chance it. Also, I’ve got a lot of injuries at the moment so limiting the stair usage is my key to survival. And the person who installed my palms cut the power lines to my irrigation and is refusing to take responsibility. So I’ve got someone coming to try to find the other end (that doesn’t have power) so I’ll hopefully have irrigation again soon. 🤞
@Corinne the seller messaged me that she had to let her employees go & that her vendors were not supplying her properly. And in the same breath said she goes to college & that is why the shipment was delayed. Very strange situation. I’m done with this seller. She is frankly unbelievable. I hope you have swifter shipment & receive better plants on this delivery. WOW…you have a lot going on. I am so sorry to hear about your injuries. Hope you have a speedy recovery. And best regards to resolve your sprinkler issues. Sending you some good vibes, Sista 🙌💕
@Corinne I can’t even believe this coincidence, I hope it makes you laugh like it did me. My son in law messaged our family group chat a funny plant photo, when I zoomed in, what did I see? But wait, does that pot say, “Nobody Pots Baby in a Corner”? Yes, yes it does. Also, no way!! Also also, it’s available in aqua at Big Lots. 😂💚
@EZLennyLance 😂 oh my goodness!!! What a great find! I might need that pot. Lol
@Rockrlee thank you 💕 I got notification that my plants shipped yesterday. It sounds like she’s full of stories though. I attached message I received. If I don’t have luck with these next plants I’ll contact Etsy. I’m so sorry about this!!
@EZLennyLance I have that pot! Lol I couldn’t resist it