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Believe it or not, I’m not a fan of ordering plants online. Don’t ask me why ok haha I’ve been in the shopping plants business for a while and I’m just super skeptical ok? @Kace insisted that she gets me something from @botanicaldan shop @weareterrace :) i got the false Aralia and it is so cute 🥰 it shifted a bit in the mail but the plant is in good shape and it’s so cute. Tysm @Kace for being awesome even though you were going thru stuff. Definitely guys check out the shop ESP if you’re in NJ. #HappyPlants #plantmail #terraceplantshop #weareterracefanclub
Is it the right one? I was going to add another but it’s hard to pick plant for someone who has access to all the cool plants. 😂
@Kace hahah it was perfect it’s the one that caught my eye and was in my budget haha thank yoooou
@jcPlantProper the irony of it all is perfect 😊

I was skeptical for a long time but then found a couple of sellers I trust (you're familiar with one of them) 😂

It does make it easier to access plants you don't come across in the middle of Iowa that's for sure!
@jazzyjess haha! Yeah that’s why I wait till I hear good reviews
What a good friend 🥺😍

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