Posted 1w ago by @DefiantDndylion

@jcPlantProper you got me! I ordered a new Hoya! It was a tough choice between 2 of them. Just don’t tell my husband and maybe he won’t notice. I’ll post pics (hopefully not of my husbands disapproving face!) as soon as he or she arrives! #HoyaHangout #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NewPlants
Heyyy! Nice! What’s your order number ??
@jcPlantProper 32606, I sent a message because we are expecting highs in the 100 for next who knows how long and I wasn’t sure about shipping in the heat! So far I’ve been lucky but I haven’t ordered anything recently because it has been so hot 🥵🥵
@DefiantDndylion ok awesome!! Come Monday, we’ll look at the temperature and make a decision from there
@jcPlantProper awesome! Thank you!

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