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I bought this pot and it sat unused, then I decided to choose the biggest plant I have which is this rubber plant. (My monstera and I are still in negotiations, he’s being a little rebellious). I added, bark, moss, perlite mix… I hope Achilles will remain happy. I figured since he is going to get close to 5 feet🫣😬maybe too soon? … he has been doing great new leaveS and he loves being by the window. Hope he stays happy #HappyPlants #RubberPlant
That's a great size!! Looks happy!
He looks great in his new pot. πŸ₯°
Wow, those leaves are in GREAT shape.
@Beeps I think he is amazing! I love how the leaf start off as a red wrap then just the vein remains red. The leaves are massive. He’s been happy in that corner, so I’m leaving him there. I’m scared about putting in such a massive pot, but i hope he will tolerate and grow even more.
@Rockys_peace22 yes! I have a Burgundy and Ruby, and their new growth color contrast is one of the best parts.
@Rockys_peace22 gorgeous rubber plant looks stunning in the pretty new pot that's perfect πŸ₯°
Bigger than my hand! This plant is amazing ! I’m so in love πŸ₯° he shoots out 2 new leaves a week? Do I need a trellis or pole for him the stems seem really sturdy!
@Rockys_peace22 I have mine tied loosely with twine to a bamboo stick. Otherwise they were splaying out sideways
Okay I will do this ! Thanks

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