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Update on my strange dracaena problem- one of the affected leaves has suddenly dried up, so I pulled it off. The rest of the plant seems fine! Very strange. #HappyPlants #CornstalkDracaena @sarahsalith #PLANTMAFIA
Is that Maverick?

Was that leaf closer to the bottom and was that black part near the the trunk?
@sarahsalith yep!! It was at the bottom, but the black part was the top of the leaf, furthest from the trunk. Maybe just an old leaf!! He’s been growing a ton recently, so it would make sense.
Okay - I was going to say if the black part was near the stem, there could have been water sitting there to rot it. Regardless, I'm glad it has come off- i can't tell if it was from too much water once upon a time or if there was a heat source near the leaf, it could do that.
@sarahsalith awesome, thank you. I will keep an eye on him and report back if any developments occur. πŸ˜‚
make sure next time to snip it with scissors!!! ripping it could damage your plant

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