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MIA cause on a little staycation with my husband. But visited my mom who has a CRAZY garden with everything from tomatoes to squash to flowers!! Posted more videos on my IG simplestemz 🌱
Amazing! What are the purple peppers?
@sarahsalith cayenne!!
Love this
That's your mom's YARD?! Amazing!!
@sarahsalith yes! Check out my IG page for videos !
@jcPlantProper I'll have to wait until I get around my girls. Greg is my only social media!!
That green thumb runs in the family @jcPlantProper ! I hope you and the hubby enjoy your time off! You deserve it!
@jcPlantProper She has an ENTIRE produce grocery store in her back yard!! Love it!
@AwesomePlants for real!
Does your mom live close @jcPlantProper ? I'd be "grocery shopping" over there often! Lol Walk right in with empty grocery bags, but leave with a bag full and note on fridge, "thanks for the food mom, same time next week?!!" πŸ˜†
And my gramma is across the road
@jcPlantProper passing you MY grocery bags! Actually, fill one up for my Sis @sarahsalith as well! Haha! Seriously, you have "green" genes! You need to own your own nursery!
@AwesomePlants it’s so fun! Going to attempt to plant the tomatoes I got and I have more seeds I’m going to share

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