Posted 1M ago by @PeakBabyburro

I have this lavender I just cannot bring back to life 😭
Okay- I was totally on your side with the mint, but lavender was always a tough plant for me. I've killed three and it's taught me not to get it again. That and eucalyptus. And string of pearls. And many Calatheas. And a few others. (I say plants should bring you joy not tick you off... I'm looking at you, Money Tree.)

Losing plants has taught me what plants I like and what plants I don't want to deal with any more.

 It's okay to kill plants. It's even better to admit to it. That helps others realize that we're all just trying to do the best we can and sometimes it doesn't work.

Good news is you have a pot for another plant? Ever try a pothos? They are pretty cool. (:
hey :) how often do you water your lavender? they like to dry out completely before getting watered again, and they don’t mind if you forget watering day a couple times. (mines a French lavender so it may not apply if yours is a different kind). but as sarah said sometimes we have plants that just don’t work with us! if you want another herb try basil, just water once a day and keep them in full sun and they’ll grow like crazy!
@sarahsalith I feel so horrible for killing a plant 😭
It's okay, honey, it really. ☺️ I've killed three and I've learned what I can grow and what I can't.

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