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Finally PA is getting some plants for spring!! I ran int...

Finally PA is getting some plants for spring!! I ran into Walmart for bread and I saw a bunch of green at the end of the main aisle…. Had to go look because it’s been bare with no plants. I was hoping I’d find the variegated alocasia. I didn’t find that but I did find a Ring of Fire! So I had to grab that beauty and this neat stripped kalanchoe. Not much at Lowe’s and I have to make my way to Home Depot to see if they got anything yet. Also found an Easter cactus at Trader Joe’s last week. Anyone find anything good at nearby stores? #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #Philodendron #BigBoxStoreFind
The local hardware store has a whole rack of succulents is decorative pots. I was tempted, but I’m also apprehensive of those pots with no drainage with multiple plants. I feel it’s too risky for me to over water or kill one of the plants.
My Lowe's had a great selection last weekend! I might try to sneak some time between my daughter's soccer and flag football games to go back and look for more! 🌿🤞🏻
Great finds!
@pothosslut the way my Lowe’s and HD looked I’m hopeful there is a shipment coming soon!
Yes! So I ran into what I thought was a hole in the wall nursery here… come to find out it’s where they make LiquiDirt fertilizer. They had quite a few great plants there and snagged a Black Margin Hoya!