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Hey greggers! I Need a favor!

I just opened a business, not anything to do with plants unfortunately lol but I make custom corsets with second hand fabrics I find at thrift stores keeping it eco friendly! I’m trying to avoid esty since there over head is to much for me right now, so I’ll being selling on instagram! My user is mars.made.corsets! I only have a few slots open before Halloween! So if your in the market for a renaissance garb or know someone please share it with them! Or just shoot me a follow over anything helps! And of course 10% off fellow greggers :) thank you everyone!

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Wow! Those look so cute! I was thinking of volunteering for doing acting at a renaissance fair with friends and if I do, I’m totally gonna buy from you!
@Ratshell omg amazing thank you! You should check out the fabrics I have very good and planty!
Love it!! I’ll definitely keep it in mind! I love putting together renaissance/fantasy costumes, so next time I need a corset, I’ll be sure to look you up 😍😍😍
Amazing craftsmanship!
Do you just do corsets? I’ve been looking for some male ren garb for a while, and have a hard time finding anything that isn’t fake looking imported stuff…. I used to use Instagram but I not longer use it otherwise I would follow you. That corset is gorgeous.
Have you thought about ebay? I've sold on there before and they don't do like etsy. Etsy is ridiculous and getting worse.
Very very cute by the way! You're do talented β™₯︎
@ESylvanus thank you!!

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