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#GettingReadyForWinter #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy @lazyplantparent @SirLiquorice @Sassylimey @BunnyMummy @jessadoodle @sarahsalith Some of you are getting ready to move your plants to indoors in preparation for winter I found an link to a site from Bloomscape with helpful hints if interested:
Thanks that’s awesome. Luckily most of mine are cacti and can handle the average cold here but if it gets too cold like it has before when it hit 9 degrees a couple winters ago then I may need to worry. My monstera are already inside always. My dragonfruit will probably need to come inside. I need to search for the cold tolerance of some of my newest ones still however. The sticks of fire got damaged so I’m going to be extra safe with the frost blankets and maybe add more this winter. Maybe the stray cats will help keep some body heat in my makeshift greenhouse this winter like they did last year. I wonder if them being in there in breathing actually helped. It definitely helped them to stay warm and not freeze to death it seems. They just made themselves at home in there but I didn’t want to kick them out since they might be heating it. And they weren’t hurting anything. They just all huddled together for warmth. I put a frost blanket on the floor also so they all wanted to hide in there especially once I put the other frost blankets down
That's a great article, Monika! Thank you! 😁
Thank you Monika, very informative article 😊
@SirLiquorice Your cactus collection is amazing 🤩
I love your Felina catacati plants. Perfectly adorable!
@Ms.Persnickety thanks. that’s just some of the ones out front. There’s more on the porch and back windows and the closet. Lol @TruthfulApricot yeah there’s more new cats out there all the time. They usually don’t knock stuff over at least but they have done some damage for sure. At least the cactus can kinda protect themselves. They knocked a plant over and broke a pot the other day but I have the pot holding together with rubber bands for now. Lol

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