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Does anyone else struggle with navigating the app’s fertilizer reminders? I have a separate system that I use for feeding because I can’t wrap my head around this one, but I’d love to have everything integrated here! Anybody able to give me some tips?
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I use a plant food that is premixed with water. It is used with every watering. Very easy. It is Happy Happy Houseplant food and be ordered online. 😊
@Pegster It’s a US-only product, unfortunately! I’m wanting to use the fertilization notifs on the app.
What’s confusing about it?
Basically for your plant you can put fertilizer reminders. Every plant needs to be fertilized, and some more often than others. If you use happyhappyhouseplant like a lot of people here you won’t need the reminders but if you’re using slow release or something strong you want to make sure you’re doing it according to the specific fertilizer you’re using. So for this plant, Greg recommends fertilizing every 6 or so months. I can put reminders on for this plant so in 6 months I’m reminded to fertilize
@jcPlantProper So, HappyHappyHouseplant isn’t available in Canada - it’s a US only product. So that’s not an option for me. As for the reminders, I can’t customize them. I’ve tried and I don’t know if it’s an issue with my specific OS or phone model, but I can only use whatever the Greg default is. And since I have a few different foods that I feed, that doesn’t work. 😕 Most of my plants get fertilized either biweekly or monthly, but I can’t change it from twice a year or so in the app.
@emmybee can I see what it looks like
@emmybee and yeah right about the HHP, that goes in your water every time you water your plants ! There’s a lot of products like it. Prob available where you are. But this is what mine looks like when I look on enable reminders
@jcPlantProper Looks the same, but I can’t change the start date, and when I scroll ahead there are no future reminders. So if I set it for 2 months, it just says September 3rd, there are no future dates highlighted and I can’t change Sept 3. Once it passes, there isn’t another notif for 26 weeks.
@emmybee ok ok yeah I see this. Is sept 3 when you water that plant next? Mine did the same thing. Until it’s figured out try setting it for one day and see if something shows up. We can also ask @RJG tmrw!
Ok ok also! If you set it for 2 months, that means basically that’s you’re Fertilizing it TODAY. So when you click that it’s done, it’ll set the reminder to 2 months from TODAY
After turning on fertilizer reminders you can chooose your frequency. If its slow release osmocote, you can set every 6months. If its soluble indoor fertilizer half strength, then you can set once a month.
Hey @emmybee! Janai is right, when you choose an interval it will schedule the next date for today + the interval. Does this match what you see when you set a custom reminder?

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