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Good morning fellow Greggers! Time for more #Weirdos #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #Lithops #LithopsBromfieldii #Conophytum
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@PlantEsteem there’s no one and done in lithops loving!!! @MoorePlantsPls I’m so freaking jealous their all so healthy and strong!!!!!
Love these!!! I have 3 now. So do you have soil under the gravel or are they in pure rock and is there water sitting underneath like lucky bamboo?? I really don’t want to kill mine.
@Jilliebeanstalk I mix about 80% pumice with 15% coco noir soil and 5% worm castings. The key is to have just enough soil to allow the roots to grow but it should still be well draining. Other than that, they like bright light and distilled water. Don’t water when splitting. You should be good.
@Jilliebeanstalk also don’t get discouraged if you have trouble at first. I’ve killed many a lithop lol but you live you learn. 😁
Oh l love your little pot of whispers!!! 😍😍😍 Hi lil guys!!! Oooo.....what's want @MoorePlantsPls to join the #lithopsarmy with me...... well you heard em Amanda! @Lithopslover was right....I need a whole bowl full of these guys!!😍😍🀩🀩
@MoorePlantsPls awesome thanks for the recipe!! I’m excited to see these babies grow.
@Jilliebeanstalk you’re quite welcome! Post pics! πŸ₯°

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