Posted 3w ago by @HKMisawesome

I’m slightly worried about my Ashe Juniper. It was tilted to the side when I found it and I’ve had it for a few days, almost a week, but it hasn’t straightened, and I don’t know if it will. However, I’ll love it even if it is tilted 😆
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
It will grow towards the light so if you turn it so that it leans away from the light it could force it back to the middle!
Also welcome to Greg! We are so happy to have you!!
@RJG thank you so much, and I’ll definitely try that.
I love your little tree! I need to see if I can find my tree (that I grew from a seed) - it leans too, but as it grows stronger, it'll straighten out. (:
Mine is three years old and on the floppy side. (: Itll straighten out. If it makes you feel better, when it's older, you can get some wire and wrap it around the trunk. That will offer stability and you can help form it in the direction you want it to grow - like a bonsai!

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