Posted 2w ago by @gravityloom

New plant flex πŸ‘€
#plantproper came through yesterday with this gorgeous Syngonium Mojito and I think I need help coming up with a name more original than β€˜mojito’ lol
Also took a gamble on a Snowdrift Philo and it showed up today - VERY glad I didn’t get scammed because this was top of the wishlist
I LOVE my mojito! My 3 year old named ours Oshie, lol.
@PlantMompy if the 3 year old is ever in need of more entertainment they are more than welcome to name another mojito!
@jcPlantProper I’m coming after all of plant proper’s philodendrons as soon as I figure out where else in my apartment I can fit plants
@gravityloom haha! Let me know :)
Mint or LJ (lime juice) since those do go into a mojito πŸ€—. Both plants are beautiful πŸ’š
I'll show him tomorrow and see what he throws out, you never know what he will come up with! Or look at as soon as you ask πŸ˜‚
MoJo Jojo from power puff girls!!

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