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This caramel marble is really starting fill out/up πŸ’š #Phi...

This caramel marble is really starting fill out/up πŸ’š #Philodendron #HappyPlants
So pretty 😍
@HipAgavecactus thanks!
@GaryPoopins Christopher that is very pretty! Love the color and the jagged leaf shape.. 🫠😌😍
@CourtlyKingfern the shape of the bigger leaves is what gets me βœ”οΈ
Oooooh nice!
Ah this is gorgeous!!! Did not know this existed until now, thank you!! :)
Ur plant philodendron looks like a crazy scary movie thriller plant that would come to life and attack people other plants 🌡 u should write the script. I only ask for a million because I gave you the idea you know what I'm saying but I freaking love this plant what is the name of it for real because I want to look for it??? I really would love this plant in my collection I just ordered I forget a silver plant a phil silver and another phil zz shoot I forgot
Oh she's GORGEOUS!! 😍 that's going to have to be another addition to the wishlist! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€£ Thanks for sharing her Chris! x
@BorGiKat if I wrote that script and get insanely wealthy from it, $1M it is πŸ€“ that plant is called a caramel marble philodendron, although it has lost most of its variegation at this point, so really if you like it, I’d say you should add a philodendron Pluto to your list, which is really what this one is, less a few of the leaves with variegation on em.
@JenniB81 thanks and you’re very welcome. Caramel Marbles have definitely come down in price over the last year, but they’re still a pricey plant. I love the shape/size of the leaves more than anything, so you can also check out a philodendron pluto
Me too Chris! πŸ₯° They're so striking! Ooh I'm gonna check out the Pluto RIGHT NOW!! hahaha 🀣 x