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PLANT ID HELP! 🌱 β€’ -Got some new plants yesterday! I got ...

-Got some new plants yesterday! I got three from Home Depot, my boyfriend took me plant shopping yesterday & to the new Casino in Danville NC. It was my first time going to a place like that, I’m not really much for gambling but I did really enjoy the slot machine & overpriced margaritas, lol! 🀭 however I need some help trying to figure out what type of Echeveria/ graptoveria.. or maybe even a pachyveria?? It has a flower so that should make it much easier to indentify.. I haven’t tried myself yet to identify so I’m gonna do some research soon! My new (tiered) planter came in yesterday so I’m gonna use the 3 #succulents I got yesterday, & use the other 6 I ordered online from Mountain Crest Gardens when they get here this week… I’m scared to repot since this one has a bloom.. what do you guys think should I wait ? #PlantAddict #identify #PlantID #SucculentLove #SucculentSquad #Succulent #SuccerForSucculents #HappyPlants bloomingSuccs">#bloomingSuccs #Echeveria #Graptoveria #Pachyveria
Honestly, there are so many varieties it's hard to ID them sometimes. I recently got an Echeveria that was about to bloom and let it stay in the store pot. It's been doing well and the flower lasted for a couple of weeks.
@TidyTigerpear OMG! SOOOO PRETTY! I see Greg thinks it’s a Ghost Plant. Lol! Not everything is a Ghost Plant, Greg! πŸ˜‚
I don’t know what it is except it’s pretty and I want one! 🀩 How nice of the BF!! I look forward to seeing all your new plants in your new tiered planter (on my wishlist too!)
Fun!!! 🌡πŸͺ΄πŸ’šπŸ˜ŠπŸ€©
My guess, Graptoveria Moonglow or Lilac Mist…
It’s beautiful! I’m not good on echeveria ID. As for repotting, I would wait until the blooms are wilting and not disturb them.
Ooh, pretty!!
I have a pachyveria and it looks different, so it must be one of the others!
@StarTangierpea which pachyveria? I was thinking it may be pachyveria powder puff specifically but I’m not sure that’s it, it’s really hard to tell with echeveria and hybrids. I thought it having a flower would help me identify it better, but it seems like most of the flowers look like that. The bell shape and color…
@TidyTigerpear I’m not sure! I’m actually really new to plants I just mine because the were all labeled! Sorry! Good luck!