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I think Greg should have some sort of “plant graveyard” or “plant history”. In the case we lose a precious plant and we weren’t able to save it, there could be a switch in the plant details that indicates it’s no longer with us. Then have a separate tab where each plants history is saved so we can look back on it! That way we don’t have to remove an entire plant and it’s history from our Oasis :) Just a thought as I put my sick baby succ to rest 🕊 🥲 #GregFeedback #gregteam #SucculentSquad
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Hey Becky!

This is a great idea and it's in our future plans. Currently the plan is to repopulate all your deleted plants into your graveyard when the feature is launched. Then you can delete plants you don't care to memorialize from the graveyard.
@RJG AMAZING I’m looking forward to this feature when it comes!!
@planet_yoongles me too. I've deleted several of my plants and I'm quite excited to be reunited with them. I'm sure there are even ones I've forgotten.
@RJG I have so many dead plants in my oasis that I just can't bring myself to delete 😅😭😭😭

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