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Greg seems mostly an indoor plant app, but after a COLD winter and a really bad week, I am so thrilled to walk around outside and see all this growth I wasn’t sure would make if through! (Pictures are some roses and a hibiscus I hibernated indoors) #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NewGrowth #SpringIsHere #OutsidePlants #FreshLeafFriday
The thing about this app is the programming helps with taking care of the indoor plants yes, but everyone here seems to have knowledge on a little bit of eveyrjing in and outside ! And yesss! As long as the roots are still good, it’ll push thru
I second what @jcPlantProper. It’s wonderful to have many people join #Greg since there’s so many of us who have knowledge in both indoor houseplants, and outdoor flowers and foliage!

Some of us also have #VeggieGardens, #PropagationStation with many different types of plants, our amazing @RJG has started #CitrusGrandPrix for those that want to plant a tree seedling!

So many communities here at Greg, so any question you have, we’re prepared to answer 😌
@jcPlantProper AND there are so many of us with outside plants!
You have to post this under the hashtag #FreshLeafFriday !
I haven’t even finished adding my indoor plants, if I had to add my outdoor ones I would have to take a month off just for the photo shoots!
I’ve found that The spring after a very cold and snowy winter here in Ohio means strong happy plant growth once the light and warmth kick in.

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