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Quality time with my Graptoveria 'Opalina' and plant frie...

Happy Monday y’all! 🪴🌿✨🧚🏻‍♀️
After a long weekend (& busy) weekend of being away from my plants, I came home this morning & was able to spend some quality time with my plant friends 🌱☺️ (& check each one for growth & REPOT AND DOUSE WITH CINNAMON CAUSE IM HAVING SOME FUNGAL ISSUES RN AND ITS TEARING MY NERVES UP) …. Okay now that I got that out the way, there is some good news 🗞️ •Kyoto my pagoda is still blooming, and still has more unopened buds, I love how they really look like this emoji >🌸< lol.
•Toby the baby toes was one of the plants that I saw some (beginning) rotting issues, which was crushing considering it was putting off all this new growth & It’s been doing so good. I think I took care of it, but I’m keeping my eye out 👁️ .
•Plato -(Graptoveria opalina) is doing good as far as I can tell, she’s gotten a lot bigger since I’ve gotten her, I’ll have to post a then & now update soon.
•My favorite prop tray rn, it’s been doing so well and I have so many ghost plant babies, and graptoveria opalina.. but what I’m most excited about is my ‘black licorice’ Echeveria Prop. I only had one leaf to try to prop (proud #proplifter of Home Depot) & it has put off roots & a baby ☺️🌱 Yay!
•Last is my senecio barbertonicus, it was dying so I stuck it in my greenhouse & forgot about it, today while cleaning I found it, and it had regrown and Is doing a lot better! #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove bloomingSuccs">#bloomingSuccs #PropagationStation #HappyPlants #NewGrowth
4” pot with drainage
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Kyoto is soooo refreshingly beautiful and yeah it does look like this emoji 🌸