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Khaleesi has REALLY been thriving since I gave her a good...

Khaleesi has REALLY been thriving since I gave her a good prune!
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0ft to light, direct
13” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Not sure what happened to this photo? 🧐
She’s a beaut Jess!!!
@LaSiguanaba thank you! I love her so! πŸ₯° I have a LOT of her babies.
@JesssJungle I am kind of afraid of succulents because I have overwatered and killed them in the past. I have a bunch right now, and I try to be good about getting it right… my lithops are not doing so well hot right now…. But I continue to learn! 😁
@JesssJungle that plant is huge! And I was wondering about that first photo… lol πŸ˜† it’s cool what ever it is!
@LaSiguanaba I have the same fear with cactus. 🌡 I’m cautiously optimistic about the rest of the succulents. I would love to get a gollum jade. And this plant is convincing me I have to go find one. 😍
@nellz4estfairyz yes, I’ve killed a cactus tooβ€”overwatered him! I am much better these days, lol. And yes, this Gollum Jade is just gorgeous!!!
@LaSiguanaba @nellz4estfairyz
Honestly, these guys are REALLY forgiving. I have just been sticking to the watering schedule that Greg provides and she & her babies have been really happy! Like most succulents, they don't need much water, but they looove the sun!
@JesssJungle beautiful!!! It's massive lol
This is a beautiful plant. My gollum jade succumbed to scale and mealy buds. Yours has inspired me to try again. Any advise or tricks to keeping it healthy? How old is Khaleesi?
@PlantBeach yeah she is my biggest and heaviest plant BY FAR!! 3, maybe even 4 feet tall!
@Stall54Jo oh no, I'm sorry about your plant! They are drought resistant, so water only when the soil has dried out. Make sure there is drainage in the pot. They looove sun. I have her in a south facing window. She is 8 years old. 😁 I also regularly prune to keep up/control growth and propagate babies.
What a beauty how proud you should be ! Can I ask how old she is ?
She is 8 years old!
@JesssJungle Wow now I’m excited seeing new growth on mine already πŸ™πŸ»πŸͺ΄πŸ’€πŸ™πŸ»
Oh wow she’s gorgeous
Wow just wow
Nice jades
This is mine, although you’ve got QUITE the huge Shrek plant lol