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I need advice on what plants to buy for my kitchen windows. The plant conditions are;
- South facing
- Direct sunlight
- Windowsill
- Can be a hotter room

I have asked my mum and she said Peace Lily (need to buy) and Aleo Vera (have one but need to collect from my mums)

If anyone can let me know of plants that can survive this, please let me know. Herb plants are also welcomed.
#tobuy #needadvice
Yes to the aloe Vera! No to the peace lily, it prefers no direct sunlight. Dracaenea, snake plants, succulents, cacti, crotons, ivy, umbrella tree, ficus will all love that spot! I’m sure there are more but my brain is slowing down haha Ooo so exciting a shopping trip πŸŒ±πŸ’•πŸ«Ά
@HoyaAddict thank you for the advise. If i was to get a peace lily where should i put it. Plus i have always wanted a snake plant and pot it in an oddish plant pot.

Yeah bank holiday plant shopping for me! B&Q here i come 🀣
Welcome to Greg, Daisy! I agree with @HoyaAddict! Also some edible plants would be good! I have some geeen onions growing and ginger sprouting (almost 2' tall!) and I have a large Hoya handing in the window over my sink. (: I have aloe as well, but sometimes aloe doesn't like direct sun for too long so be sure to acclimate it.

Make sure you show us pictures!
I need a good Oddish pot. :(
You have so many options! I would experiment with some air plants that would enjoy the humidity. Ivy, mint will likely go wild there and love its life.
Yes: aloe, cactus, snake plants, ficus, money plant. But best to acclimatise first
No: peacelily, calatheas, stromanthes, nerveplant
Any colored Echeveria will look nice in south window, and it loves direct sunlight
The peace lily can be in the same room just keep it 6ft away from the south facing windows. This will be enough light for them ☺️ or have them in any other north/east facing window rooms are great. So long as no direct sunlight hits them they’ll be happy! 😊

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