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my newest baby 😍 #Bonsai #BonsaiTrees #HappyPlants #NewPl...

my newest baby 😍 #Bonsai #BonsaiTrees #HappyPlants #NewPlants #NewPlantMom any tips & advice is greatly appreciated! πŸ˜„
1ft to light, direct
Last watered 1 week ago
Love love looove it!!! Any pointers on how to keep Bonsais’ alive? My son eventually wants to get one and I’m gonna get one soon and try again after killing everyone I’ve ever had but I do know more now like soil makes a difference huge difference other than that 🫣😬I don’t know much!
Ooh... She's LOVELY!! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° I just got my very first Bonsai (a Carmona Fukien Tea tree)... Though she had a hard time in transit it seems (& the seller wasn't very helpful!!). She's slowly coming back to herself after a few days of good light and humidity, but it's live to extend my collection in this direction! X
It looks great! From what I can tell, it looks like that soil should drain well, and it looks like you’ve got the tree outside, so you’re off to a great start already!

Other tips would be to keep a close eye on watering. Greg is really helpful for most plants, but if your tree is in bonsai soil, it will take water *much* more frequently than other houseplants. Just keep an eye on it, and water when it’s needed (Junipers do like to dry between watering, though).
This is beautiful!! Can I ask, how much do you water it? Does it live outside?