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πŸ₯² This was supposed to be a planned, excited, happy post about my new #PinkPrincessPhilodendron today. The seller is making it right, but it’s still a little somber now! This was my first #PlantMail. Would love to hear some happy stories about your plants lately if you’d like to share! Share anything. #SpringIntoSummer

I have a couple happy moments.

I threw a succulent leaf in a jar of water and it’s growing a root (kinda hard to see) (pic 1)

These garlic cloves grew these roots in two days (pic 2)

And my Jade Pothos is growing!! (Pic 3)
I really hope the seller makes it right! That’s not acceptable πŸ™

My little Peperomia is growing new leaves, maybe she can make you feel a lil’ better 🌿🀍
@ABCD Thank you for sharing! The garlic is so cool and such a great idea. I started propping green onions recently that I should probably pot up. I may actually buy some garlic, so I could prop them, too!
Both of ours are struggling a little!!! I hope yours grows back, or you have the seller fix it.
@kscape Thanks for sharing! β™₯️ I love when new leaves start off tiny like they’re throwing their little hands up. The coloring on your pep is so pretty, too!
@tango Is she struggling? She seems good to me! I think she just needs to get comfy and get some new growth going on!

@ both: They’re sending a replacement plant out next week. Buuut I’m really shocked at the way they packaged the first one. Bottom leaves saran wrapped so they were bent backwards, snapping them. The pink leaf is scarred up like the damage is old. It was only in shipping for 1 day. Damaged leaves were just tucked into the pot like they threw it in instead of throwing it away, lol. Fingers crossed for the replacement! I understand it can’t be perfect and some minor physical damage is okay, but wow!
@sierrac Show us when you get your new baby, yeah? πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸŒΏ
@kscape It came earlier than they said!
@sierrac oooo! Much better than the first, but make sure to give it some light to get those pink variegations to show up! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸŒΏ @tango plant is here!! ☺️
@kscape @sierrac it’s so pretty!!
@tango @kscape Thank you! It will definitely have a comfy spot under the grow lights! Even if I gotta kick someone else out of the greenhouse, lol.

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