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Have you ever seen little drops of water on your leaf tips in the morning? Don't worry, it's called "guttation." Guttation happens when a plant pushes excess water out of tiny holes in the stem & leaves called Stomata. It's the plants natural process to avoid being over-watered.

*Did you know? Bees like to drink the droplets from guttation as they are full of nutrients from traveling thru the plant!

Notice the drops of water on the leaf tips my Cebu Blue Pothos that was watered yesterday. He's perfectly happy 😊, just doing his thing!
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Love a good #Guttation 🀀🀀
@ThePlantDadLife I love πŸ’• #Guttation
I get way too excited when I see them on my plants and start taking picture like a nerdπŸ˜‚
Nature is beautiful πŸ’¦ πŸ’§

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