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Hey guyssss, it’s me again. I posted about yellowing leaves in my rescued monstera. Well I think I’ve discovered the issue. Is this scale? I use neem oil for the fruit flies. What else should I do? Should I be saturating that area of the stems that have it? Is there anything else I can do? It’s got new leaves coming up and I don’t want it to die.

Also, what can I do about all these fruit flies?? I get so grossed out when I see them all walking around the soil of all my plants. Thanks all
this looks to me like the start of corking. it’s natural, it just toughens up the stem to support the plant as it grows with age. i have the same n thought the same too but it hasn’t posed a problem. look into it a bit more :)
also do you mean fruit flies or fungas gnats? fruit flies may be attracted to ur plants but wont do any harm. fungas gnats on the other hand will essentially suck the life out of it. i use sticky yellow cards (got them off amazon) as traps to trap them and routinely spray the plant with a dish soap & water mixture. has done the trick so far. neem oil is also highly recommended so stick with that.
@soiledmyplants I actually don’t know the difference between fruit flies and fungus knats. They just look like fruit flies to me. And don’t seem to be doing any damage but they are around all my plants. I have been using the yellow sticky papers and they definitely catch a lot of them but just wish they would go away

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