Posted 1Y ago by @bgm22

Lucky bamboo's spa day for recovery!

Yesterday, a good friend of mine was kind enough to help me with some serious plant therapy. My bamboo has been steadily yellowing with quite a foul odor for a bit now. So, he was well overdue for a little R&R. We cleaned out his pot & disinfected his rocks, and gave him a nice hydrogen peroxide rinse in hopes of getting rid of that bacteria. I have my theory that he may have also been the source of some plant gnats as wellπŸ™ƒ. But, hopefully now he’ll be much happier and healthier!! #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantTherapy #RescuePlants
1ft to light, indirect
12” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
How did you do the hydrogen peroxide wash? I've seen people spray a solution on roots but haven't tried using any hydrogen peroxide myself. I have some food grade though. My bamboo in in need of some serious tlc and a full overhaul.
Next time after you clean the roots, dip them all in cinnamon! Always keep cinnamon on you. Its avreaking life saver (no joke i keep 3 bottles of it grounded and 2 of the sticks at all times - sticks mainly stay in containers of soil)
@Katiekinns It seems to be much happier!! It’s definitely not as smelly as it was too, so I’d call that a win!
@Katiekinns We took everything out, shook out the rocks & debris, then after he dried out a little we just rinsed his roots with the peroxide & replanted. We cleaned all the rocks and the pot as well.