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Hey guys! So I need some advice, I’ve had this money plant for a while now, it used to have a smaller root of leaves but I tried to repot it and unfortunately it didn’t work because the smaller side died, so after that the one you see in the photo started dying little by little. However after a while it scared having new leaves again. But the leaves on the bottom still die here and there bc the plant is now too tall and as you can see the lower ones fall down, should I cut the part of the root that’s already brown and repot it ? Or should I just leave it as it is ?
@sarahsalith i was recommended to you by another follower ? Can you please help me on what to do? Thanks!
Welcome to Greg, Sherie! Sorry it took me a while to get up and going this morning. Coffee first.

I have found with my Chinese money plant, figure out what it needs, give it what it needs, and don't touch it.

I also learned from a very wise woman @jcPlantProper) that plants belong outside.

98% of plants belong outside or as CLOSE as you can get to outside. That's where they love to be.

So now you get to try to replicate the plant's natural habitat ... the base of the Himalaya mountains in southern China. Think: humid, bright indirect light, and rich soil. And then replicate that in New York. 😉

I'm thinking the brightest spot in your home that doesn't get direct sun. Do you have a southern window or a western window? Do you have access to a sunny balcony (where your plant won't walk away)?

There are also great grow lights that can be put in regular light fixtures to supplement the light.

I have moved mine outside for the warmer months. I try to remember to turn the plant after I water it so it's getting light from all directions.

Mine is in a potting soil with worm castings and a bit of perlite and peat moss. It's one of my heavier soil mixes.

As they grow, you might have to stake it up to keep it from flopping because they can get big!

Also, when you see them here or there or in a photo online, usually the plant is kept somewhere else and brought in for a short time ... or it's fake. So don't compare your plants to the Internet. Not everything on the Internet is true. 😂

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