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My rubber plant keeps dropping leaves but continues to get new leaves. I transplanted it and have watered it more and then tried to water less, but it remains very temperamental. Any advice would b appreciated on how to maintain a healthier plant. Thanks.
0ft to light, direct
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
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A rubber plant will also drop its leaves when overwatered. As most people think that leaves will drop due to under-watering, but it's often due to overwatering especially if plants are drought resistant like the rubber plant. Watering plants only when they need it is key to keeping them healthy.

Although watering issues are the most common causes of drooping leaves on Rubber Plants, not enough sunlight may also be a factor. Rubber Plants need a good amount of bright, indirect light to thrive.

Always allow a rubber tree to dry out completely before watering.

Is it near any drafts?
i haven’t had this experience with a rubber plant, but you may have an early case of root rot
Thanks Kristy, I will try watering less again

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