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I love all the growth of spring and summer and it is wonderful that so many houseplant are available to so many people. But those big box stores don’t always seem to put in the effort to care for their plants.
I want to save all of them! Today I could not stop because I was picking up meds for my sick husband. But this is very near my house and I will need to keep an eye on this rescue plant area! #SpringIntoSummer #sadplants
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I hope your husband feels better soon! Maybe you can bring him a new flower for the backyard!
@sarahsalith he is feeling better this morning, thank you! He doesn’t often get sick but when he does he goes all the way!
And that is a great idea!
Glad your hubby is better @GatherandGrow it's so hard to watch a loved one who's not well. Lots of rest and fluids to keep the healing going.
@Stall54Jo thank you! Yes, he is listening to that advice very well.

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