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I live in a Town home so i don’t have a lot of windows in my house unfortunately. Most of my plants are on my porch. But i have plants that can tolerate lower light inside. I have a #CalatheaRufibarba that I was going to bring inside and when I did two frogs let me know it was their home so I put it back outside 😂 this is my low light corner with my #dracenamarginata and #zznovastar. I water the ZZ weekly cause it’s busting out the pot and barely has any soil 😂 and the Dracena once every 10 days or when the soil feels like desert sand 🌱 I water them in the sink until the soil is saturated and let them drain to make sure they don’t sit in water. #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #plantcorner #LowLightPlants #zzplant #Dracaena
They look really happy! Your Dracaena is so cute!!
If your tree wants a self esteem boost tell her to go over to my oasis and see her cousin! She’s not looking too hot lol
That’s so cute! Your plants look so good 😊
@babyfiretiger13 uh oh! Yeah let these guys dry out to the point where it’s like UH?? doesn’t this plant need water? And if you do this consistently they’ll be happy. Where is yours located? I’ve only had like 4 yellow leaves and they were at the bottom
@jcPlantProper I let mine dryyyy out to the max! Like to the point where it’s like hello are you dead?! It’s located in my upstairs bathroom and gets south sun. I put it up there to try and get more sun plus it’s ugly lol. Honestly as I was thinking back, it started declining after I repotted it into an orchid pot 4 months ago. I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ my next step will be trying a bigger pot. This is her progression: pic 1 when I got her December 2020, pic 2: October 2021 potted directly in ceramic pot with drainage hole, pic 3: January 2022 potted in orchid pot inside another pot and pic 4 is now 😏
The Frogs took over huh lol
@babyfiretiger13 hmm. What kinda soil? Maybe you need something a little more chunky? I’ll be honest, These plants only need to be repotted into a bigger pot when the roots are wrapping around the pot. Cause they like to dry out, the bigger the pot, the more soil and moisture retention
@jcPlantProper this is the soil, it’s pretty chunky and dries out quickly. I repotted it initially because I wanted to get it out of the ceramic pot it was in. The roots aren’t wrapping around yet but I can see them through the orchid pot. I have no clue. I guess I’ll just wait and see. I am going to try and get a more consistent watering schedule though, I would only check when Greg told me to and by that time it would be like the desert dry so maybe it was staying dry too long.
Your pretty plant looks healthy and happy. I know she has good care with you. 🥰
@babyfiretiger13 yeah if it stays dry too long that’s not good cause then they get shocked
@jcPlantProper yea I’ll try and be more consistent! Thanks for always being so helpful ☺️💚

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