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My big guy is browning & yellowing so much. I tried trimming all the dead & brown leaves but I’m not sure what I’m doing. I also got some plant food to put in it & added some new soil. I’m about to lose all my leaves on the tall stem! Any suggestions?! #help #CornstalkDracaena 🪴
Looks like it could use more natural light possibly and if you use tap water, you may consider letting if sit out for 24 hours before watering. Upgrade the pot size in the spring.
@Superkma75 I will try that! Thank you so much. I’m moving soon so I wanted to wait to repot until then. I was also thinking that could be it also! Thank you so much ☺️
I give mine a gentle shaking like a gentle breeze or set up a fan facing it once a month. Like Erica said alittle more natural light it’s way wouldn’t hurt it
My corn plant is turning yellow and dried up on the tops, what can I do to prevent this from happening?
Mine browns very quickly when it gets too much direct sun light. I still open the blinds but have moved it a little further back from directly in front of the window. Also, I only water it once every two weeks.
Do you mist your plant? Mine lives in dry air. I started misting it a few months ago & the leaf color is better & the leaves don’t curl under anymore. Hope this helps & good luck.
@usera10b94b2 in the past I’ve made sure to watch the soil with watering!
@Shannon4136 yes I’ve had the same issue with my other one! However, this one is very far from the window. I think it has to do with watering!
@user8072e53d I do not mist my plants but I will try this!! Thank you ☺️
I know when I worked at Home Depot yellowing leafs could sometimes be from over watering. But I was never a certified expert in the garden department. And also switching it to new soil could risk putting the thing into shock… But hopefully you are now having better luck! 😊 Keep us posted!
I feel like it might be taking a beating from the dog leash on a regular basis maybe. Mine almost died when I first got it so now I mist and have a humidifier above it and it’s finally getting healthy since being in a south facing window also. I’m in ny so the sun is weak right now

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