Posted 9M ago by @WayoutRanch

Meet Harry, my giant cactus surprise!😳

I am not sure exactly what this plant is, (I call him Harry) but it gets Queen of the night like flowers that open over night - almost dinner plate size. This is the largest hanging pot I have so I guess I will have to split it into two pots next year. I have had this for roughly 8 years. By the way, Crazy Giant Plant tagged in this post, came to me in this hanging pot in 2016!😳😳😳 #queenofthenight #epiphyllum #nightbloomingcactus #hangingplant
1ft to light, direct
16” pot with drainage
Last watered 7 months ago
That’s so cool!!! I’d love to see the flowers! Do you have pictures? It was also help me figure out what it is
@misfitplantco yes! 😊bloom 2022
bloom 2022
bloom 2021
@WayoutRanch those are GORGEOUS!!! They definitely look like Queen of the Night blooms but the rest doesn’t match lol. Very interesting and beautiful thanks for sharing!!
I’ll do some digging and see if I can find anything about why it looks different
Thanks! it's not that easy to get pictures since they bloom in the middle of the night for a few hours. I didn't hold up anything for scale but the flowers are way bigger than you would expect looking at the plant.... at least 8" across... probably more.
I've never had a bloom, that I know of but yours was beautiful. My plant does have tons of leaves but my plant grows these stems that some are 6 foot long and have like 1 inch hair on them and that's what your plant looks like. Hope that made sense, yea it didn't
@CharitableFern hi Beverly... yes the Dutchmans pipe is crazy with its long stems. I have noticed that they fill out with leaves in spring and summer when I put it outside. have you tried putting yours out during the non frost months? that may help with blooms. 😊 Just watch out for sunburn!