Posted 1M ago by @LovePhilos

California has been getting a whole lotta rain lately! I decided to take advantage and successfully harvested some rain water for my plants. I’m sure they will love it! Last time I tried doing this, I captured roof runoff, which I’m sure would’ve been fine for the plants, but it looked dirty and smelled so disgusting. 🤢 Do any of you collect rain water for your plants?
I did last spring, summer, and fall until it was cold out, and it had stopped raining as much. I could definitely tell a difference once that rain water ran out, and I started using distilled again not saying they declined or anything, but they weren’t thriving as much. It’s almost time to start collecting again, and give them that boost they’ve been needing! They most definitely will love you for it!!!!! 💚💚💚💚💚🤗