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Please help, I don’t think he realizes he should stop gro...

Please help, I don’t think he realizes he should stop growing!

Mr. Ping is huge and um I’m afraid 😁 I’m still learning about #CarnivorousPlants and and am not ready to try a pitcher but apparently I know what I’m doing with #Pinguicula !!! 🌱☀️❤️☠️
3ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 18 hours ago
@RealSimpleMama he’s a stunner!! Do you have to feed him anything aside from what he catches on his own?
@RainbowFairy hey! Nope. He’s loving the grow light and he gets distilled water. I also repotted him with his little “plug” (not the netting, this is a good kind) into carnivorous mix. But that’s it!
That's awesome!! Kinda funny, I'm scared to try and grow a ping but I have loads of pitcher plants ! 😅 What soil mix do you use for it? And how often do you water it? I'm still learning about these guys.
@Merranda hey! I’m doing well with these and #VenusFlyTrap - I keep them constantly wet in a tray of distilled water. I use a carnivorous mix (not really soil, mostly sphagnum moss)
@RealSimpleMama Thank you ! 😁
how hard would you say it will be for someone with no carnivorous plant experience to care for one of these? im great with succulents but i can’t grow most other things other than pothos lol
@strawberrymoon I say try it! To me they’re the easiest carnivorous plant. I did not have luck trying to raise a #SpoonLeavedSundew (I know now what I did wrong but haven’t tried again) and pitcher plants are a future goal.
@RealSimpleMama ooh alright! they aren’t very high maintenance are they? i’m just afraid they won’t survive if they need frequent repotting, cleaning etc… i tend to get a bit neglectful of my plants when my mental health gets worse :(
@strawberrymoon hey! No I totally get it. Mine honestly get the grow light about ten hours a day, and I have them in a deep tray that I never let get dry. I’ve had him about 5 months and repotted him once, into the carnivorous soil mix. Otherwise I just rotate him when I think about it. I have to do that refill (distilled water only, they can’t have any nutrients or fertilizer) probably once a week or so?
@RealSimpleMama sounds great! if they need a lot of light do you think i can just put mine in the same window that my mesembs live in (of course i’ll get a little glass bowl or something to keep the humidity in for the ping specifically)?
@RealSimpleMama btw it’s really nice to see another witchy person on here! <3 i’m probably not as educated on the matter as you are but i do have an interest in it and do some shielding + intention things once in a while :)
@strawberrymoon yeah I think so! It may grow a bit more slowly but that shouldn’t be a problem. And they’re a pest magnet which is great.
@strawberrymoon good for you! Honestly that has been the self care/mental health help that finally “clicked” for me. That, and being connected to nature and all living things, is what has made such a difference for me. (Also being open minded/non judgmental, helping with anxiety, etc.) And I don’t consider myself educated on anything 🤪 I love learning and “leveling up” as much as I love teaching!
@RealSimpleMama i might get one in my next plant haul then! tysm :) and yes yes i agree 👀👀 it helps me feel so much better whenever i connect to nature, experiencing that ‘omg i love you 🥹’ feeling towards plants, animals etc helps me come to a place where i can be more compassionate to myself as well :) we’re always learning and imo that’s the fun of being alive!