Posted 3w ago by @ThePlantDadLife

Where are my #syngonium lovers at? Have enough now to give them their own shelf. We have Albo, Batik, Lance Leaf, Llano Carti Road, Pink Splash, Starlite, & White Butterfly.

Show me what Syngs I should add to my collection!
#theplantdadlife #syngoniumsquad
The mojito is gorgeous!!!
@angelw1975 isn't it tho! I got it as a cutting and it just popped out a new leaf!
This is my Syngonium wishlist. You have a few that are on the list, but I have some beauties 😌
@kscape next on my list to get are the Chiapense & Wenlandii. I'm a fan of the darker ones.
@ThePlantDadLife I love the Wenlandii... the dark green is 😍
I was going to say mojito as well! Mine from Plant Proper is 🀀🀀🀀

I would say the only one on my wishlist that you don't currently have is the milk confetti!
@PlantMompy the milk confetti is one of the few lighter or pink ones I like.

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