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#WhatTheSuccWednesday love ❀️ these guys. Look how long t...

#WhatTheSuccWednesday love ❀️ these guys. Look how long the peperomia hope is #PeperomiaHope #HoyaKrimsonQueen #Hoyaburtoniaevarigated #StringOfPearls
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They look so good!! πŸ’š
@sarahsalith thanks the string of pearls was a rescue so I’m trying to nurse it back to health
Haha! In my house, that’s just how SOPs look! πŸ˜†
Did you get your internet sorted out?
@sarahsalith yes at 4pm yesterday. Watch out world 🌎 I’m back bahaha 🀣
@PoisedAlbo please tell me what you’re doing to get that SOP back on track. Mine always look like this! 😩
@Looloo unpotted and re rooted and lots of sun