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Is my Blackeyed Susan getting too much sun? 😞

I just bought this plant at Home Depot a couple days ago and now it looks like it’s wilting πŸ™
I have it placed right outside my front door. My house is south facing and do get a lot of light throughout the day. I just put some water and brought it inside. I’m thinking maybe the sun is too much? Please help πŸ™ #NewPlantMom #BlackEyedSusan
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 months ago
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It should be fine outside south facing. It looks wilted but should have perked up after you watered it. Was it in full sun at Home Depot? Was it south facing sun? If not it may just be shock from the new environment. Also was it on concrete outside your front door? Maybe the concrete got too hot πŸ₯΅ for it too. Does the container it’s in have drainage holes πŸ•³οΈ? Or is there a pot with drain holes inside that cute outer container? I got a plant from Home Depot and I didn’t realize at first that there was a decorative outer pot and the plant was actually in a nice nursery pot that could be removed. The problem there was water pools in the bottom of the pot with no holes and plant ends up overwatered. Sometimes the nursery plants like this one ☝️ from Home Depot are fertilized and made to look fabulous at the store and can be very root bound. So they require repotting pretty quickly. If your plant is frequently wilting and you’re watering like every day check it just may need a bigger pot with more soil. Only go up an inch or two. Wall-E would be cute in a small barrel type container for a pretty autumn πŸ‚ front door display! πŸ‘πŸ₯°
Black eyed Susan or rudbeckia are really garden plants. They bloom usually June thru August. They are a full sun plant. I’ve never grown one indoors or in a pot, they’ve always been in my garden beds, so can’t help on that aspect.
@MariansOasis it did perk up a lot more after watering it last night. I have it inside now. The pot does have drainage holes on the bottom and not in a second decorative pot. I don’t think the concrete gets too hot, it’s in a relatively shaded area by my front door, but it is Arizona. It says that it’s a full sun plant, but I’m always so worried with Arizona Sun. Maybe it won’t be as bad now that it’s been cooling down.
I’m thinking of maybe putting it back outside with just a bit more water and seeing if that’s okay ☺️
@WiseButterbush sounds like a good plan πŸ‘