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Meet Sharon, my outdoor #goldenpothos. I put her out in full afternoon Texas sun 🌞 a month or so ago. She got some burnt leaves, but look at the gorgeous variegation on her now! #freshleaffriday #pothospack #theplantdadlife
Beautiful 😍
She’s beautiful and she really adjusted quickly, didn’t she? Great plant!
Let her climb!! So she can get huge
@ThePlantDadLife Jason, Sharon is absolutely amazing! I love πŸ’• the variegation she has. I am variegating my golden potho now. So far she is coming along well.
@jcPlantProper I plan to add in some other mature golden cuttings that are well rooted when I repot her soon. May put her on a cedar plank or a pole.
@KikiGoldblatt thank you! Keep us updated!
Gorgeous pothos!!!!
Is that where the variegation comes from, direct sunlight?! I have some little #goldenpothos props on my porch wondered why they looked so different πŸ˜…πŸ˜† but I love it #plantnewbie
@SportyTurmeric Yes! More light will bring out more variegation (if it can) on your plants! Even the splashing on Hoyas and Scindapsus!

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